Bitingduck Press/Boson Books Web Store - copyright and license information

Copyright Info

All the books for sale on this site are copyrighted works published exclusively by Bitingduck Press under the Bitingduck Press and Boson Books imprints. The lack of copy protection does not mean that you can redistribute them freely- they are protected by applicable copyright laws. We offer them in DRM-free editions for your convenience in reading them the way you want. We read books in multiple formats on multiple devices, and want that to be easy for you to do, too. The following paragraphs describe your rights regarding making copies.

Initial Download
On purchase of a book, you will receive a download link by email, and it will also be shown a link in your order summary. The link in your email is valid for a single download within 24 hours of purchase. We know that emails and files sometimes get lost, corrupted, or otherwise deleted, so you are allowed a number of additional downloads (indefinitely) for your own personal use from your order history. These downloads are for your own personal use and should be treated as backup copies.

Most books are downloadable in formats suitable for currently available readers. You are authorized to format shift them for personal use on other readers, and you may copy them for your own personal use to your various readers and to make backup copies. You may not sell, lend, or redistribute them to others by any means without permission from Bitingduck Press/Boson Books, except as described below.

You may purchase books here to give as gifts one of two ways:

  • You may purchase a book and download it and give the recipient the file, provided you retain no copies, or
  • You may register an account for the recipient and give them the account information.
  • We prefer that you do the second option, as it provides easily available backup copies for the recipient.

    Personal Lending:
    You are authorized to lend out one copy of the book at any time (with the same restrictions on redistribution described above) as long as you do not retain any personal copies for the duration of the loan. Should the book not be returned (it happens, we know, and we don't want it to be like a paper book where it's gone forever), we allow a limited number of additional downloads from your account at this site.

    Library Lending:
    You are not authorized to make library loans of DRM-free copies of books purchased here. Library lending should be handled through one of the library eBook lending services that we work with. If you cannot find our books through your service, please contact us and we'll work out a way to make our books available in your library.

    Free Books:
    We also offer a number of free books available for download. Some are "reprints" of public domain works, and others are copyrighted works that are marked as such. You may redistribute PDF versions of the copyrighted works without modification, but may not modify the files in any way, or redistribute them in any other form. The public domain works may be redistributed at will.