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  • Where are the sample chapters? Most of them are available on the page of the book you're looking at. We don't have samples up yet for a few titles-- if there's a sample missing from a book you're interested in, send us an email at
  • What format should I download?
    It depends on your reader. If you're using a Kindle, you should download the ".mobi" file. Most other readers will use the ".epub" version. PDF will be available soon.
  • How do I get the book onto my reader?
    Phones and Tablets (including iPad and Kindle Fire)
    If you have an ebook reading application on your device you'll get a link by email (and in your final checkout and account pages) that you can click on to download the file. Usually you'll have a choice of ".epub" or ".mobi", and sometimes ".pdf". If you want to read using a Kindle app that's on your device, click on the .mobi. If you read using any other reading app on your device, you should click on the .epub version. Your device should figure out what apps you have that can display it and let you select. If you're using a phone with a small or low-res display, the link may not be visible in your cart after checkout in portrait view, but may show up if you turn your phone sideways.

    If you're using a kindle, you can forward it to your kindle account by email- if you go to your Amazon account and go to"Your Account">"Manage Your Kindle" and then click on "Manage Your Devices" in the left sidebar, it will show you an email address for your device. You can email your book to that address and it will go to your Kindle. In the near future we'll be set up to mail directly to your Kindle.

    Most Devices (including Kindle)
    You can also use another program on your computer to load books to your devices. We like Calibre- it's easy to use and supports lots of devices, as well as letting you read on your computer and format-shift for nearly any device you might have. And it's free to download and use. If you like it, send him a few currency units of your choice. We don't get any of it, but we like and use his software.
  • What about borrowing your books from libraries?
    Our titles are available in many local libraries around the country through Overdrive. If you need software for reading the books from your library, they maintain a list for different devices at this page. If you're a library using your own lending system, please contact us and we'll work with you to get our books to you at a reasonable price and minimum of hassle.
  • What about copying and sharing ebooks?
    Please don't. We make the books available without DRM for your convenience in reading how you want to, and they probably cost less than the hot-beverage-of-your-choice that you're going to consume while reading them. Please help us continue to make good books available and easy to read by telling your friends and family to get their own copies. Our full policy on copying is on the Copyright Page.
  • What about paper versions?
    We do print versions of about 1/3 of the titles in our catalog, but stop printing when print sales get really slow. You can get print versions through your favorite bookseller, and see what's available in print over at our Boson Books site for now. We'll soon have print information up here as well.
  • I'm an author, will you publish me?
    See our Submission Guidlines.
  • Something went wrong!
    Contact us at with details of the problem (purchasing, website problems, whatever) and we'll get back to you and do what we can to make it right.