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Privacy Policy

Bitingduck Press/Boson Books collects as little information about you as we can, limited by what we need to know to sell you books.

All of your interactions with the website are SSL encrypted, making snooping of your browsing much more difficult.

We do general access logging while you browse the site. We use this information to develop aggregate statistics of site usage. We don't share the details of this information

If you make a purchase, we collect the minimal personal information needed to complete the purchase: Name, billing/shipping address, email address, and the books you purchased. We retain this information so that it can be recalled on your next purchase, but you also have the option of deleting it (except for your email address, which serves as your login to the site and is needed to make your purchases available to you). We don't sell or otherwise share this information.

During a purchase, you may provide us credit card information. If you provide credit card information, it is sent from you to us over an encrypted SSL connection, and we retransmit it immediately to our credit card processor over an encrypted connection as well. We store the last 4 digits of your credit card and the expiration date. No other portion of your credit card information is ever stored on our servers. If you make a purchase using Paypal Express, you need not provide us with any credit card information- any credit card information you provide is to Paypal, who simply informs us whether the charge is accepted or denied.

We do store a list of books you've purchased from us. It's the nature of being a digital bookseller and enabling you to re-download the book from us if your copy is somehow lost. We don't share information about your purchases except for the invoice on a Paypal Express purchase.