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Space Rescue One
Author Butterfly, Atk.
Published 2000

Space Rescue One

When disasters strike ships in space, only three ships stand ready to answer the call in in our solar system. On board Space Rescue One are two dedicated teams willing to put their lives on the line to save the lives of others.

However, Rescue Team One has a problem in the person of Richard Saber, whose anti-social behavior and drinking threatens to disrupt the team and possibly put their lives needlessly at risk. Treating Richard as another victim crying to be saved, his team buddies pull together to break through his walls of isolation in discovering the reason while the universe around them disintegrates into civil war when the colonies on Mars and Venus declare their independence.

There's seems to be no possible way for three ships to rescue so many, but unknown to everyone Richard holds the key to ending the war. Even so, disaster still strikes out at the team in a form that will etch itself into space history!

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