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Fort Larned: Book One of the Lane Collier Series
Author Smith, Randy D.
Published 2001

Fort Larned: Book One of the Lane Collier Series

Fort Larned is the first of three historical novels depicting the life of fictional adventurer, Lane Collier.

From his beginnings as a Civil War army scout and later as a celebrated buffalo hunter, lawman, and rancher Lane Collier symbolizes the tenacity and resourcefulness of the North American plains frontiersman during the second half of the 19th century. Such men clawed a living and built a civilization from seemingly barren grasslands and hostile prairie where only vast herds of bison and the Indian reigned supreme for centuries.

The first narrative of the Lance Collier trilogy, Fort Larned , relates an account of the post-Civil War Indian wars on the Kansas leg of the Santa Fe Trail. Collier, a white man with Indian blood, struggles to survive a Cheyenne uprising tainted by intolerance, government bungling and warfare defined by merciless revenge. Meet such characters as: Nell Baker, a woman stranded by the massacre of her husband and friends; L. J. Bohanin, lieutenant of a troop of black cavalry trying to return to Fort Larned with Cheyenne warriors in hot pursuit; and Elk Heart, a Cheyenne chief who has lost everything during the relentless onslaught of white settlement and demands a price in blood.

Historical research, adventure and romance come together to weave a credible, informative and spell binding tale of the frontier. Join the first of a series that enjoys national serialization in Shoot! magazine, a chronicle for Old West and living history enthusiasts.

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