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Paravoid: Book 4, The Rust Bucket Universe Series
Author Butterfly, Atk.
Published 2001

Paravoid: Book 4, The Rust Bucket Universe Series

"Imagination is man's most fearsome weapon."

In Paravoid, volume four of The Rust Bucket Universe, Rear Admiral Oden reports for the simple ceremony that promotes him to Fleet Admiral. Because of the earlier admission of Opal as the twenty-fifth Union planet, which is now reclaimed by Ape-oid settlers, the Navy is expanding. For the same reason, the Space Academy is expanding its class base, so that enough officers will be available for all the Navy and Space Marine units. Earlier in this year of important events, Admiral Oden proudly graduated the first Ape-oid cadet ensigns from the Space Academy. They are assigned to the Navy as bright new officers, whom the Navy eagerly welcomes. It is gratifying to Oden that the former enemy has become an active member of the Union of Planets. The Navy has had little to do militarily during the past five years other than occasionally deal with some small-time pirates.

On a training run, cadets encounter a friendly new people, the Greens, exploring outside their own star system. Oden is asked to run as Edun’s representative to the Union of Planets. In this climate of serenity and accord, no one anticipates that Galan fosters aggression and is preparing to overrun the Union. Galun erupts, as Oden’s wife’s health becomes a critical factor in Oden’s future.

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