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Way of Escape
Author Filmore, Ann
Published 2009

Way of Escape

The secret Society for Emigrant Women runs an international rescue operation for runaway women that functions much like the Underground Railroad did for slaves in America’s nineteenth century. The Society is largely funded by a Swedish nobleman, Baron Carl-Joran Hermelin.

At the end of the revolution in Iran, Carl-Joran fled his covert network there and went under cover in the U.S. as a graduate student. To provide for his further safety, he married a Bonnie Seastrand in what both believed was a sham ceremony. But Carl-Joran and Bonnie fell in love; then were quickly parted. Carl-Joran disappeared, leaving Bonnie to marry and create a life without him.

The baron’s old enemy, the High Constable of Iran, has put a death decree on the baron for his work in the Society. To keep him safe, Halima Legesse, the Society director declares him dead.

Bonnie as the baron’s legal wife—her marriage to Carl-Joran was not for appearances only as she had been told—is notified of her large inheritance and that she must journey to Sweden. She immediately encounters the danger surrounding Carl-Joran, learns of the Society, and begins to understand the role he plays.

Assassination plots are devised around the world to stop the Society from operating as it relocates women trapped in repressive social structures. The Society’s agents are compromised, and women, who might be saved, instead may die. This is a story of intrigue, suspense, romance, and mortal danger.

Ann Fillmore’s Way of Escape is a compelling read with plot twists, international politics, thrilling suspense, and heart-warming interpersonal relationships. I highly recommend this book!— Helen Rodman

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