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How to be a Foreigner
Author Cartlidge, Mike
Published 2012

How to be a Foreigner

How to be a Foreigner is a travel book with an angle. One tipsy night, the Cartlidges take stock of their lives. The kids have left home. They’re a couple again. No ties. They’re free just to have fun.

But it doesn’t feel like fun. There are times when the easy lifestyle feels a bit…well, boring. They decide—on the spot—to sell everything and spend the next year travelling.

Their hook is to learn along the way what it means to be foreigners in new lands. They devise a Foreigner scale to measure their “foreign-ness” as they go.

Follow them as they board Funchal, a small, battered ship that is still large enough to be its own gossiping town. Follow their adventures as they sail around the world, exploring in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, Greece, the Coast of Africa, Thailand, and South Korea.

Ashore, join them as they live for periods in Britain, France, and Spain.

Through trial and error, while eating beetles in Korea and dodging bombs in Sri Lanka, the Cartlidges come very close to mastering the dangerous art of being foreigners.

How to be a Foreigner is based in part on travel articles that first appeared in the New Zealand Dominion Post, Christchurch Press, and New Plymouth Times.

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