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In The Wink of an Eye
Author Cherry, Kelly
Published 1997

In The Wink of an Eye

In The Wink of an Eye is a modern fable in the form of a novel.
Or a romantic satire.
Or a social burlesque.
Or an ironic fantasy.
Or all of the above. Whatever the label, it's a joy to read.

This tale is about a revolution—a small, upstart, none-too-promising revolution—that succeeds too well. A band of inept guerrillas in the Bolivain backcountry has modest ambitions to take over the jungle-ridden province of Santa Cruz, a place no one else wants. Before the story is half over a shady German industrialist, with an obsession for big deals and big women, devises a scheme to expand the revolt into a takeover of all of South America. The President of the United States, for his own veiled purposes, embraces that takeover for a vast Western Hemisphere plan. And through the independent actions of a few irate citizens in Tulsa, New York, and London, the plan unexpectedly snowballs into a wildcat world movement.

The second half is more explosive still.

To match the swift, tumultuous action, there's a cast of engaging, outrageously human characters. Just a hint: In Bolivia, at the start there is Miguel , young rugged guerrilla leader; ambitious entrepreneur with a frequent glance toward a personal place in history. Rosita , lively, lovely, sensual, practical young woman, living with Miguel; as great with a rifle as she is in bed, but would rather be a wife and mother. Ramon , shy nonviolent, U.S.-educated son of wealthy Bolivian family; Miguel's closest friend and advisor; wouldn't know how to use a rifle; is hopelessly in love with Rosita. (Who wouldn't be--except for a dope like Miguel?)

And the cast captivatingly enlarges in New York, London, Tulsa, Washington, Rome, Cape Canaveral, and the environs of the Amazon.

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