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The Devil's Staircase
Author Smith, Randy D.
Published 2004

The Devil's Staircase

Action, humor, and adventure rule as Ranger Black Jack Ransom accepts a special assignment from Sam Houston outgoing President of the Texas Republic.

In Ransom’s own words all he has to do is: "Kill Rafael, steal the gold from armed vaqueros in a foreign country and get it back to Texas through Comanche and bandit country without getting my ass shot off. Then I have to convince Anson Jones that I was on assignment for you when I stole the gold. Sounds like a crappy deal, General, especially if something happens to you while I’m gone."

Ransom accepts the assignment in order to settle a vendetta with bandit leader Rafael and enlists the aid of notorious mountain man and cutthroat, Patch Wilkes as his only dubious ally. Along the way Ransom must deal with a belligerent Mexican aristocrat, treacherous Comanche warriors, a gang of banditos, kidnapping, double-cross, hardship, and murder. Violence and deception pursue Ransom as he pursues his only goal: kill Rafael. One disclosure follows another in this violent tale of the early days of the Texas Republic.

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