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Mayhem, Mystery and Murder
Author Broussard, John A.
Published 2006

Mayhem, Mystery and Murder

“Back when I was a kid growing up in South Chicago, I never dreamed that having a Lebanese father and a Syrian mother would turn out to be an asset. But my ancestry paid off big-time when I sat down across from Timothy Fisher at a San Francisco sidewalk cafe on that warm September morning.

He bought my cover as a Mid-East terrorist—hook, line and sinker. Of course, being an FBI agent, I’d been provided with excellent cover. Even so, he was nervous and kept looking around at our neighbors, the only ones at the time being a young couple who, hands across their table, were obviously and hopelessly in love.

“I’ve got the money,” I told him, assuming that might help to calm him down.

It didn’t. He kept scanning the street. “I’m not interested,” he said. And that surprised me.

What he said next surprised me even more…”

Over 50! mystery short stories by John Broussard, a prolific and compelling writer. BOSON BOOKS also offers several full length mystery novels by John Broussard. Visit our Fiction page and look under Action, Adventure and Mysteries.

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