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Expect the Unexpected
Author Broussard, John. A.
Published 2006

Expect the Unexpected

The lovely, lonely princess wandered along the edge of a pond thinking about finding a mate, but her father’s kingdom was poor, and no noble had ever asked for her hand.

Suddenly a large bullfrog jumped up on the bank and said, “Kiss me and you will find a mate.”

“What do I have to lose?” thought the princess, as she stooped down and kissed the frog.

Within moments, two frogs jumped happily into the pond and swam out together among the lily pads.

Not what you expected? A short story called The Search for a Mate from Expect the Unexpected….a collection of over 80 short stories covering the gamut of surprise with the typical Broussard cleverness and humor. Mystery, romance, science fiction, discovery…with story titles such as The Square Watermelon, The Deshredder, and Ms. Chips.

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