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The Bent Pyramid
Author McLeave, Hugh
Published 2007

The Bent Pyramid

Ewan Chisholm, despised drunk albeit gifted Egyptologist, is ordered by his curator at the Aspenwall Museum to fetch Sir William Garfield Tate’s papers from his widow.

Chisholm stumbles on an envelope containing snapshots of a horde of pharaonic jewelry never seen before. When the Aspenwall governors learn about the jewel hoard they decide to send Chisholm to Egypt to find it for their museum.

In Cairo, he soon discovers Garfield Tate and his Nubian mistress were probably murdered and Lady Garfield Tate might have been involved. Chisholm’s sleuthing leads him to suspect the secret of the jewels lies in the famous Bent Pyramid of the Pharaoh Sneferu. The search for the jewels leads through secret passages and burial chambers in satellite pyramids and results in an unexpected conclusion to this exciting adventure.

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