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Author Delena, Lou
Published 2014
Print Available? Yes


You love them. Of course you do. But they’re driving you crazy! They’re overly demanding, impatient, unreasonable, self-centered and selfish, and expect you to drop everything for them at a moment’s notice. And they act so juvenile!

No, we’re not talking about the kids. This dissertation deals with those who brought you into this world - your parents, AKA Mommy and Daddy. They’ve entered their golden years and can’t get around like they used to, and have turned to you for help – lots of help.

Are you feeling caught between a rock and a hard place, or “trapped” as it were? Then it’s time to turn to “ParenTrapped”!

“ParenTapped – A Guide for the Sandwiched Generation” takes a heartfelt and humorous look into the world of parental caregiving. It is based primarily on the author’s and others’ personal experiences in dealing with aging parents. It provides some insight into what can be a trying situation, that is, dealing with elderly parents and their needs on a regular basis, coupled with valuable information regarding services for both seniors and caregivers.
This product is available in the following formats:
ePub (most devices except Kindle) (1.27 MB)
mobi (all Kindles) (1.69 MB)
pdf (546 KB)

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