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Not Easy Being Green

Finding a dead mouse in the lab is not usually such a big deal. But when the lab is a Biosafety Level-3 containment facility designed to keep things in and out, and when the mouse has a brain tumor that fluoresces under blue light, it’s time to start worrying.

When it’s your graduate student who starts glowing, then it’s time to panic. Especially when he could be spreading the virus in ways you can only guess…

This academic thriller/satire focuses on gene therapy–how it works, how it can go wrong, and how unscrupulous clinics prey on everyone from the vain to the desperate. The book is the second in the Lori Barrow series by Susy Gage, an anonymous physics professor at an unnamed university… Her (?) first book, A Slow Cold Death, came out from Bitingduck Press in 2012.
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