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Nine Lives: Autobiography of a Yorkshire Scientist
Author Sydney Cross Harland

Nine Lives: Autobiography of a Yorkshire Scientist

Sydney C. Harland (1891-1982) was a botanist of great creative ability, whose work helped form the basis for the Green Revolution, increasing crop yields and averting famine in the Third World. He titled his autobiography "Nine Lives" because his career led him to jobs in nine different countries in the Caribbean, South America, Canada and the British Isles. During the 1930s he became the world's leading expert on cotton production, for which he was elected a member of the Royal Society. During the last decade of his life, he worked intermittently on his autobiography, but never completed it to his satisfaction. His daughter Margaret Millard assembled his notes and self-published it in 1992. In 2000 his grandson Max Millard edited it and added many photographs. The work neatly blends biology, history, politics, geography and human interest, held together by a touch of humor.

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