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Return Policy

For what we hope are obvious reasons, all sales of eBooks and other digitally delivered products on this site are final. We provide free samples of the first several chapters of all the books so what you're getting shouldn't be a surprise, except for for the identity of the murderer in the mysteries.

If you have a problem obtaining delivery of a digital product, please contact us at contact @ and explain the nature of the problem. We'll do what it takes to get you your product in a format you can use (unless you want a truckload of punchcards). In very limited circumstances we may issue a refund or store credit at our discretion.

We occasionally will have physical goods for sale in limited quantities. For those products, we can accept returns if the products are in saleable condition, or were damaged in shipping. If a product arrives damaged, please send us a picture of the packaging (at contact @ if possible, or a detailed description of the damage. We'll then determine whether we can send a new product or refund your money (most physical products will be available in only limited quantities-- we're an electronic publisher).